Dancer Roll Position Regulator

Dancer Roll Position Regulator

This dancer roll position regulator is designed to maintain a process dancer roll at a preset position. During operation the dancer position is indicated by the signal supplied from a potentiometer or other suitable position sensing transducer. The dancer position signal is compared to the command position signal by the regulator. Any error existing between the two signals is amplified and applied to the process drive system in a manner that will tend to cause it's response to reduce the error to zero. The dancer position regulator provides all of the features required to implement a complete high performance, closed loop, control system.

Constructed on a single circuit board, the module includes a position transducer power supply section, providing regulated positive and negative DC output voltages and a bipolar output amplifier with independently adjustable positive and negative maximum output voltage clamps. Models are available to accept a with a wide range of input voltages or 4 to 20 ma. current signals.

The unit will operate with either the board mounted or external position command or centering potentiometer. A jumper mounted on the circuit board selects the mode of operation. Also included is an auxiliary bias or position command input signal channel that is summed with the dancer feedback position signal. Two adjustable solid state end of travel limits are included and may be used to provide web break protection or automatic slack take up.

The circuit board is solder masked and conformal coated. Plug in terminal blocks are included for external wiring, thus reducing the amount of downtime for replacement or service to a minimum. All of the external connections to the terminal blocks as well as the adjustment controls are clearly marked. The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Web, wire and cable slave drive speed trim system with the trim signal from a dancer roll. Dancer controlled unwinds and rewinds. Tension control applications.

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