About Us

About Conic Systems

As a technology company, we have been focused on harmonic gearing and controls since 1968.

  • Conic offers harmonic gearing components with years of field proven performance in very demanding applications such as:
    • high torque rotary cutters
    • robots inspecting nuclear reactors
    • offshore oil platform actuators
    • combat tested defense communication systems

… to name a few.

  • Our harmonic differential transmissions are unmatched in their high quality and long life, with units in service over 20 years.
  • Manufacturing capabilities in Port Jervis, NY include all operations to transform raw materials to completed gearheads and controls. Production was expanded in 2018 with two new gear cutting lines, and new automated inspection systems.
  • R&D Center in Jacksonville, FL for new product development utilizes the latest CAD, FEA, FFT, and CAM systems, metallurgical sampling and treating, prototyping, optical and tactile measuring systems, dynamic testing and accuracy testing to within 0.01 arc sec. 
  • In addition to our standard components sets and gearheads we offer engineered solutions and industrial control for a broad range of motion control applications.

All of our experience translates into the high-quality performance and reliable long life for which our products are recognized.
Contact Conic Systems today to learn more about our company or discuss an application and how we can best serve your needs.

Our History

  • 1968

    Conic Systems, Inc. is established in Fairfield, NJ, and introduces the harmonic differential

  • 1972

    Conic introduces harmonic differential web tension, infeed control systems

  • 1991

    Conic introduces digital HDD draw control systems

  • 1992

    Operations move to Port Jervis, NY

  • 1994

    Conic introduces 1:1 HDB shaft mount harmonic differentials

  • 1999

    Conic introduces 1:1 and 2:1 CSF right angle speed changing harmonic gearboxes

  • 2000

    Conic establishes Nireco America Corporation (NAC) in partnership with Nireco Japan

  • 2004

    Conic acquires Datatran Labs

  • 2007

    Conic establishes NAC as supplier of harmonic gearing component sets (consolidated 2016)

  • 2016

    Engineering / R&D Lab established in Jacksonville, FL

  • 2019

    Conic introduces LT Series of harmonic gearing servo gearheads

    Conic introduces new SHF and CSF harmonic gearing components and gearheads