Single Coil Output
PWM Proportional Solenoid Driver

Single Coil Output
PWM Proportional Solenoid Driver

This model series of pulse width modulated (PWM) valve driver modules is designed to be used for open loop motion, speed, torque and pressure control systems. The output is unipolar and will drive all solenoids that have coil current requirements up to 5 amps. The command signal can be obtained from either a potentiometer, an external voltage or 4 to 20 ma. source.

This industrial grade module is a true high performance current regulator. Constructed on a single circuit board, it incorporates current loop feedback to maintain the output signal to the valve coil within 1% of the setpoint as the load impedance, input voltage, and ambient temperature are varied over the specified operating range. Pulse width modulated switching for the output maintains low heat dissipation and high efficiency as the output current is varied from minimum to maximum. Models are available with switching frequencies from 100 to 2200 Hz.

Each pulse width modulated solenoid driver module includes an optional internal command potentiometer or on the 20 ma. input models, a bias pot to remove the 4 ma. offset. All models include the controls required to set the minimum and maximum output current for the solenoid. The module contains provisions for the use of an external command potentiometer as well as the ability to follow a remote command voltage or current signal. The output current to the solenoid will vary from the minimum to the maximum as the input signal is adjusted from minimum to the rated value. The module requires a positive 10 to 30 volt DC power supply for operation.

The circuit board is solder masked. All external power and solenoid connections are made to a barrier type terminal block with #6-32 captive wire clamping plates. External command signals are made to .25 inch male tabs. All external connections are clearly marked on the board. The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

The circuit board is solder masked and conformal coated. All external power and signal wiring is made to a color coded, five conductor cable.

Applications: Proportional solenoid valves with male DIN 43650 connectors requiring coil currents up to 3 amps.

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