Linear Servo Amplifier

Linear Servo Amplifier

This series of linear servovalve driver modules is designed to be used for open or closed loop motion and speed control systems. The output is a linear bipolar current signal and will drive all pump displacement control devices and servovalves that have coil current requirements up to 200 ma. The command signal can be derived from either from an external voltage source or a potentiometer.

This industrial grade module provides a bipolar current output, with inner loop current feedback that is accurate to 1% as the load impedance, power supply and ambient temperature are varied over the specified range. External feedback devices can be used to improve the load regulation to 1/10% or better.

Adjustments are included on the module for servovalve coil bias or centering, as well as signal gain The amplifier may be operated in either a proportional or integral gain mode with or without external feedback. The proportional gain mode should be selected for all open loop applications as well as closed loop position, pressure and torque control systems. The integral gain mode should be used for closed loop flow or velocity control applications only. Inhibit connections are provided to disable the integral function. With the integral clamped the output will be held at zero. Also included is an regulated bipolar 5 volt reference supply that can be used to power an external command potentiometer or feedback transducer. The amplifier requires a bipolar 10 to 30 volt DC power supply for operation.

The circuit board is solder masked. All external wiring to the module is made to a clearly marked barrier type terminal block with #6-32 captive wire clamping plates. All external connections are clearly marked on the board. The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Servovalves and electrical pump and motor displacement or pressure controllers used for open and closed loop motion, torque, position or force control systems.

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