Geared Heavy Duty
Dancer Potentiometers

Geared Heavy Duty Dancer Potentiometers

Internal Ratio and Rugged Design Makes Mounting a Breeze Our C2699 series dancer potentiometers greatly simplify mounting and delivery long, trouble free life. Most dancer pots are very small and flimsy, yet they are driven off heavy shafting and require gears or pulleys to create good electrical resolution. The result is often early failure. The Conic geared dancer pot eliminates these problems, yet remains competitively priced.

These heavy duty units are truly for industrial use featuring a steel enclosure and a double ball bearing supported ½" or 3/8" stainless steel shaft. The unit is protected from dust, dirt, water and oil and meets NEMA type 12 and 13 specifications when properly installed.

With over 700 single and double reduction internal gear ratios, designing for ideal resolution is made easy. The ratios range from 0.024:1 to 49:1 making the Conic unit equally applicable to accumulators as well as dancers. The potentiometer does not contain any internal end of travel stops, eliminating the potential for over travel damage.

All of the internal spur gears are metal and run on stainless steel shafts in a precision machined aluminum housing. The potentiometer is always isolated from the load by a least one gear set. It incorporates a linear, conductive plastic element and provides an operational life exceeding 10 million cycles.

Available options include zero backlash gearing, low torque input, stainless steel or aluminum enclosure, drive shaft modifications and integral electronic limit switches. All user connections are made to a screw type terminal block inside the enclosure. These units are available in both foot and flange mounting configurations.

  • Internal gear ratio provides high resolution
  • Heavy duty ½" or 3/8 in shafting
  • Potentiometer is protected from the load, increasing is life
  • High over-hung load rating
  • NEMA enclosure simplifies mounting
  • Offered with or without electronic control cards
  • Includes screw type terminal connects
  • Enclosure is pre-punched for conduit or a cable connector
  • No end of travel limits
  • Foot or flange mounting
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