Linear DC Voltage Regulator

Linear DC Voltage Regulator

This linear voltage regulator assembly is designed to convert the input DC power line to a stable, lower voltage, unipolar DC output. Models are available to provide a selection of output voltages from 5 to 24 volts DC to the connected load. Both positive or negative output voltage configurations are available. The positive 5 volt output model is capable of supplying a maximum of 3 amps to the connected load. Other voltage configurations will deliver up to 1 amp to the connected load. This device is typically used with an unregulated dc source to provide a stable power supply for transducers and other electronic devices that do not include internal voltage regulators.

This industrial grade module is built on a single circuit board and includes a capacitor input filter, a linear voltage regulator and a output status indicator. A fuse is supplied to protect the output from short circuits.

Both fixed and adjustable outputs are available. The adjustable output models include a control on the circuit board to adjust the output voltage up to plus or minus 10% from the nominal value. The linear voltage regulator features both thermal and overcurrent shutdown protection. Rated output current is available over the entire rated temperature range. The change in output voltage will not exceed 2% as the power line input voltage, output load current and ambient temperature are varied over the specified operating range.

The circuit board is solder masked and conformal coated. All external wiring connections are made to a single, plug-in terminal block. All external connections are clearly marked on the board. The board mounts in the included plastic track. The track is secured to the user's panel with double sided adhesive tape.

Applications: Used to provide regulated dc power to one or more devices connected to an unregulated dc power distribution system. Provides point of load regulation at various voltages.

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