Bipolar Limit Detector Module

Bipolar Limit Detector Module

This solid state limit switch module is designed to be used with the model series C2699 Geared Potentiometer to provide an output whenever the input drive shaft rotation exceeds the setpoint. The circuit board is designed to fit inside the standard potentiometer enclosure. Solid state outputs are provided for both the clockwise and c'clockwise set points from the center position. This device is typically used to set the end of travel limits for on-off type position or level controllers.

This industrial grade module includes a stable bipolar reference to maintain the preset trip points within 1%, as the input power supply and the ambient temperature are varied over the rated operating range. Both of the output pickup points can be adjusted from 1% to 100% of the potentiometer travel away from the center position. Both of the outputs include a small amount of hysteresis to prevent false output transistions due to noisy or slowly changing input signals.

Adjustments are included on the board to set the trip points. Either of the outputs can be selected to be either normally on or normally off, whenever power is applied to the module. Visual indicators are provided to show the state of both outputs. In addition, an indicator is included to display the center position of the potentiometer. The solid state outputs are open collector type NPN transistors and are capable of sinking up to 500 ma. This module requires an AC or bipolar 15 to 30 volt DC power supply for operation.

The circuit board is solder masked and conformal coated. All external wiring to the module is made to clearly marked plug in type terminal blocks. In addition to installation in the model series C2699 potentiometer assembly, the brackets can be removed and the board mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Dual, solid state limit assembly to fit in model series C2699 heavy duty geared potentiometer assemblies. General purpose bipolar signal limit detector.

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