Transient Suppression Module

Transient Suppression Module

This transient suppression and reverse polarity protection module is designed to limit the voltage and current that can be applied to equipment connected to its output terminals. The AC power line or bipolar low voltage DC models will provide symmetrical clamping in both directions. The single polarity low voltage DC models differ in that they will clamp the applied reverse voltage to less then 2 volts. All of the models contain fast acting fuses for short circuit protection.

This module should be used to protect solid state equipment that is powered from a source that may cause reversed polarity, prolonged overvoltage or damaging transients. The module is typically applied as a suppression device on utility power lines as well as battery powered mobile equipment.

This industrial grade module requires no user adjustments. It features a combination of zener diodes and metal oxide varistors combined with very fast acting fuses to limit the energy at its output terminals. In addition, a power status indicator light is supplied that will illuminate whenever the fuses are intact and the output voltage exceeds the preset minimum.

The circuit board is solder masked. All external power and valve coil connections are made to a barrier type terminal block with #6-32 captive wire clamping plates. All external connections are clearly marked on the board. The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Protect the electronic circuit components from damage due to reversed polarity, overvoltage spikes and load dumps.

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