Quad Linear Ramp Generator

Quad Linear Ramp Generator

This quad ramp generator is designed to provide bidirectional acceleration and deceleration command signals in reversing motion control applications. Acceleration and deceleration times in both the forward and reverse directions can be set independently of one another. The output signal will change at a linear rate to follow step changes at the input. The linear ramps in each direction are adjustable and can be set to provide times between 1 and 250 seconds. The input signal can either be bipolar or obtained from two separate positive voltage sources. A single bipolar and two positive output signals are available.

This industrial grade module provides voltage outputs that will track the input command signal within 1% as the ambient temperature and power supply voltage vary over the specified limits. The module includes a regulated bipolar 5 volt DC reference supply that can be used with an external potentiometer. The bipolar output is normally used as the input signal for servovalves or pump electrical displacement controllers. The two positive going only outputs are used to supply the command signal to drive the solenoids on dual coil proportional valve applications.

Four controls are included to set the positive and negative linear ramp rates for the forward and reverse directions. Selection of the input signal, either a single bipolar or two separate positive signals, is determined by the user via the position of a board mounted jumper. The module requires a bipolar 10 to 30 volt DC power supply for operation.

The circuit board is solder masked. All external connections are made to barrier type terminal block with #6-32 captive wire clamping screws. All external connections and controls are clearly marked The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Used to generate acceleration and deceleration ramps in both the forward and reverse directions for speed control applications.

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