Dither Generator Module

Dither Generator Module

This dither generator module is designed to provide a bipolar triangle or square wave output for use as the dither input to high performance servovalve amplifiers. It should be used in applications where the utmost in system response and accuracy is required. In addition, it may also be used as a general purpose oscillator.

This industrial grade module utilizes a stable internal reference to minimize any variation of the output frequency and voltage as the ambient temperature and power supply are varied over the specified operating range.

In many applications, the addition of a small amount of dither signal to the controlling amplifier will greatly enhance the performance of the connected valve. The dither will introduce a small amount of oscillation around the setpoint position. This oscillation reduces the effect of static friction and results in improved response and resolution. The amount of oscillation should be kept below the value that will cause oscillation of the connected load.

Controls are included on the board to set both the output voltage amplitude and operating frequency. All controls are bracket mounted, single turn units with shaft locks. Either a triangle or square wave output can be selected by the position of a board mounted jumper. The output signals are bipolar and symmetrical around zero volts. This module requires a bipolar 10 to 30 volt DC power supply for operation.

The circuit board is solder masked. All external connections are made to a barrier type terminal block with #6-32 captive wire clamping screws. All external connections and controls are clearly marked. The board can be mounted in the user's control enclosure on standoffs or located in plastic mounting track.

Applications: Applies a small and rapidly changing signal to servovalve and electrical pump controllers to induce a small oscillation in the valve to reduce hysteresis and improve response.

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