Offer Precision and Reliability

The Conic Tension Transducer is designed for maximum accuracy, versatility and reliability. By combining our world-class manufacturing with years of experience in high quality process tension control, Conic offers the best industry value in tension transducers. Our semiconductor, strain gage load cells feature a rugged design with 360 degree overload protection, high sensitivity, low hysteresis, excellent thermal and linearity characteristics, all in an industry standard mount.

  • Sealed against damage caused by dust and moisture
  • Recessed seals are protected from physical damage
  • High strength, dual cantilever beam provides improved accuracy at low tension levels
  • Temperature compensated, semi-conductor strain gages
  • Design negates idler shaft length changes caused by temperature fluctuations
  • Industry standard mount makes interchange simple
  • 0.2% repeatability
  • No maintenance
  • Economical
DOWNLOADS: Brochure and Maintenance Sheet

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