B3035 Digital Panel Meter, 3 1/2 Digits

This digital panel meter is designed to be used as a general purpose operator interface device. Typically, these devices are used with external scaling circuits to provide speed, tension, flow or pressure information from voltage or current signals directly in engineering units. The 3 1/2 digit display provides a maximum reading of 1999. The decimal point position can be selected, by the user, to suit the application.

The display features bright red light emitting diodes that are readable up to 30 feet, in a typical installation. It is available with a optional internal potentiometer so that an offset reading can be obtained with a zero input to the meter, or, conversely a zero reading can be obtained with an offset input signal. This feature is standard on meters with a 4 to 20 ma. input rating. A full scale adjustment potentiometer is standard. A pin header and jumper are supplied to set the decimal position. Models are available to accept full scale input voltages from 2 to 100 volts or 4 to 20 ma.

The meter will accept a bipolar DC or slowly varying AC input voltage and display its value on the seven segment numerical indicators. The balanced differential input allows the meter to be used with bridge or transducer signals. It provides the high noise immunity needed to measure very small signals in the presence of much higher common mode signals. The meter features a dual-slope analog to digital converter, seven segment display decoder-drivers, oscillator and a DC to DC converter on a single LSI microcircuit. A single plus 5 to 30 volt power supply is required for operation.

The meter is supplied in a compact low profile plastic case, with a bezel and the required mounting hardware. All external power and signal wiring is made to the terminal block with screw connections. No soldering is required. The model series C2509 universal potentiometer assembly can be used as a scaling device when required.

To convert analog voltage or current signals to digital values in engineering units. Accepts both positive and negative input signals.

Model selection sheet = MS3035
Data sheet = DS3035

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