C2420 Operator's Control Station, with Selector Switch

This series of general purpose control stations are designed to provide the process operator with a simple way to input speed, start, stop and direction commands to Datatran's line of variable speed drive and position controls. These control stations can be remotely mounted in the supplied enclosure or the cover can be removed and installed along with the controls in the user's panel.

A number of nameplates as well as configurations with two or three position selector switches are available. Standard nameplates are available for both single direction and reversing applications. These control stations, with the selector switch, will direct the system to operate any time that the power is applied. The system will operate at the current potentiometer value and react to the current selector switch position. For those applications that require that the system be reset on a power loss or to always power up in the stop mode, the model series C2669 control station is available .These control stations are supplied with momentary pushbuttons for the start and stop functions. These stations require an external relay to latch the start command until either the power is removed or the stop pushbutton is depressed.

A number of single direction or reversing models are available with single or ten turn potentiometers. Ten turn models include a turns counting dial and shaft lock. All units are supplied in a glossy, break resistant phenolic case with aluminum cover. The case includes a single hole for a 1/2 inch conduit connection. All external wiring is made to a numbered barrier type terminal block.

These control stations can be supplied with low cost custom nameplates for specific applications. Interested user's are invited to contact Datatran's sales department for additional details.

General purpose operator's control station with a function selector switch and command potentiometer normally used for variable speed systems.

Model selection sheet = MS2420
Data sheets = DS2420 & DS2669

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