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In 1968 we introduced the harmonic differential to the printing market. Since then, we have maintained our leadership position and expanded our product lines to include 1:1 shaft mount gearboxes and our patented right angle harmonic gearbox. If your application calls for either 3608 phasing or speed trimming as in tensioning applications, contact us. We offer standard and custom units as well as complete tension, draw, and registration systems for most printing and converting applications.

All of our zero backlash harmonic differentials employ a high precision, cup type harmonic gearing. Over the decades, we have fine tuned our manufacturing process to ensure the greatest performance and longest life machining components to aero space quality.

We supply OEM and USERS around the globe and have many unique styles to fit specific applications. If you don't find the exact model/mounting arrangement listed in this website, call us. We have developed many additional models over the decades. If you are making your own harmonic differentials or sourcing them elsewhere, definitely contact us - we can provide you with exact dimensional equivalents, usually at a much reduced cost and higher quality.

Features / Benefits:
  • High-speed capability (Over 2500 rpm).
  • Low heat generation
  • Excellent positional accuracy
  • Allows 3608 continuous phasing
  • High overload capacity
  • Zero backlash
  • U.S. made and stock
  • Printing Press Registration
  • Tension / Draw Control
  • Packaging Machines
  • Rotary Cutters / Dies / Gluers / Perforators

Installation Drawings Performance Datasheet

Maintenance Sheets Our engineers are ready to assist you in selecting and applying our gearbox. Contact us today.

If you'd like to request information about any of the products previewed on this site, please click here to contact us.
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