Simplifies Installation for New and Retro Fit 3608 Phasing Applications

Our Conic 1:1 shaft mount harmonic differentials offer and excellent option for 3608 phasing, especially when mounting into tight gearing trains where space is limited. We offer standard units, but can easily modify our mounting dimensions to help you facilitate easy installation. The gearbox incorporates two precision harmonic gearing that allow for a 1:1 input/output ratio when the zero trim shaft is held at zero speed. Ideal applications are printing and finishing registration applications.

Conic is the world's largest manufacturer of harmonic differential gearboxes. We supply OEM and USERS around the globe. If you don't find the exact model/mounting arrangement listed in this website, call or email us. We have developed many additional models over the decades. If you are making your own harmonic differentials or sourcing them elsewhere, definitely contact us - we can provide you with exact dimensional equivalents, usually at a much reduced cost and higher quality.

  • High-speed capability (Over 2500 rpm).
  • Low heat generation. Due to the efficiency inherent in the harmonic gearing, Conic gearboxes run significantly cooler than planetary boxes.
  • Excellent positional accuracy
  • Easy to Install
  • Allows 3608 continuous phasing
  • Low backlash
  • U.S. made and stock
  • Alloy Shafts
  • Inline and CI Printing Press Registration
  • Packaging Machines
  • Rotary Cutters / Dies / Gluers / Perforators

Installation Drawings Performance Datasheet

Maintenance Sheets

Our engineers are ready to assist you in selecting and applying our gearboxes. Contact us today.

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